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Ads Title *:Highly Stable Scale able and Secure Bulk Email Servers for Email Marketing
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Contents*:Highly Stable Scale able and Secure Bulk Email Servers for Email Marketing
MMS http://www.massmailservers.net offers secure mass email friendly mailing servers you can trust. Our bulk email sending solutions provide our clients with a dependable source to insure that their email campaigns are always up and running without ever being shut down.
High performance Managed Dedicated Bulk Email Servers
A dedicated bulk email server is a system that is fully devoted to a single user/customer for the purpose of sending large scale bulk email campaigns. Since dedicated servers are not shared with anyone, they allow for faster sending speed and a greater amount of processing power.
Our dedicated email server program offers the very best in email delivery broadcasting at very affordable prices. All dedicated servers are configured with a true SMTP server for bulk email, Reverse DNS and dedicated IP addresses for the best in deliverability. All dedicated bulk email servers allow for unlimited, unmetered email delivery. All servers are provisioned, secured and delivered within 24-72 hours of purchase.

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