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[Free Auto Submit Ads] Free Ads: Make PT Money

Name *:Diana Jungbauer
Ads Title *:Make PT Money
Category*:Network Marketing
Contents*:Merchant Services Representative!
Full Time or Part Time
For Every 5 Activated Accounts You Refer
Receive $750 + Lifetime Monthly Residuals

For each merchant account lead you refer that becomes an activated account, MatchRate PLUS will pay you a one-time $50 plus a 5% to 17.5% monthly residual commission for the life of the account. For every 5 activated accounts you refer, MatchRate PLUS will pay you an additional one-time $500 bonus. That's a total of $750 + lifetime monthly residuals for every 5 activated accounts you refer. Commissions are calculated on the 15th of each month and deposited directly into your account via ACH. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can refer and you set your own schedule (e.g. part-time, spare-time or full-time).
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