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[Free Auto Submit Ads] Free Ads: International Freight Forwarder

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Name *:Thomas Gendka Valentino
Ads Title *:International Freight Forwarder
Category*:Business Online
Contents*:PT. KARTIKA EKA YUDHA MARITIM, established in 1995, is an International Freight Forwarding Company offering worldwide air-freight and sea-freight services. With its excellent agency network, exprienced and professional staffs committed to provide its customers with the best solutions to their logistics problems, PT KEY (in short) has developed into a leading container logistics provider in indonesia.
We will deliver LCL / FCL SERVICE FOR EXPORT AND IMPORT, AIR-FREIGHT, WAREHOUSE AND YARD, TRUCKING, DOCKING AND CUSTOM BROKER as well as you wish. our value added services are our best support, our best solution, and our best rate for you.

Feel free to contact us,

Thomas Gendka Valentino
KEYM Marketing - import specialty
Jl. Perak Timur no.110, 1st Floor.
email : thomas@keymsub.com
Phone : 62857-9955-4918
PIN BB ; 3091d548
office : 62-31-3538030 (Hunting)
fax : 62-31-3538032
Web : http://keymsub.com
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